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Do you have this card or need help getting your benefits?

You could be eligible for benefits including:

  • Up to $400,000 in Compensation
  • No-Cost In-Home Care
  • Family Caregiver Compensation
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • No co-pays or deductibles
  • From hourly visits to 24/7 care
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Assistance with paperwork and navigating the complicated system

Check Your Eligibility Now

Did you work at a nuclear site or uranium mine? Check your eligibility for up to $400,000 in compensation and free medical benefits now!


    Twilight's Family Caregiver Program allow a worker's family to be paid for the care they already provide.

    Support & rest for family caregivers

    Exhausted providing care for your loved one? Our skilled nurses can provide much-needed support and time off for overburdened family caregivers.

    Registered Nurse oversight and assistance

    Managing medications, doctor visits, medical equipment and more can be overwhelming. Our trained staff can help you manage all aspects of care and ensure your loved one is getting the highest quality of medical care available.

    Hourly wages for care provided to family & friends

    Any family member or friend providing care to the worker are eligible for hourly compensation. The EEOICPA & RECA programs were specifically set up to support families affected by work related illnesses.

    Free and simple home health aide training

    We’ll provide you with all the training and resources you need to confidently provide care to your loved one.