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Pacific Northwest Nuclear Site

Pacific Northwest National Lab, which was first named Pacific Northwest Laboratory, focused on research and development of nuclear energy. The facility helped support the mission to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons after World War II. Its resources were also used to seek better ways of producing energy from nuclear power. The Fast Flux Test Facility was designed by Pacific Northwest, which helped to test materials and various fuels for the Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor.

As with the majority of facilities involved in nuclear energy and weapons production following World War II, Pacific Northwest did not adequately protect employees from the harmful effects of radiation and chemicals associated with nuclear production. That is why many former employees of the facility have been able to get benefits through EEOICPA based on illnesses they suffer from related to their employment.

If you or a loved one are struggling with cancer or another illness that you believe was caused by your work at Pacific Northwest, there is a good chance you can get free medical care through EEOICPA. Our team at Twilight Health has all the information and services you need to seek benefits and get health care. Please contact us now to discuss your options for EEOICPA benefits.

Pacific Northwest National Lab Benefits

The illnesses and diseases that resulted from work at Pacific Northwest have led to large payouts of both compensation and benefits to former employees and others involved with the facility. The amount paid out to Pacific Northwest employees as of November 2017 is:

  • Part B Compensation: $132,175,000
  • Part E Compensation (Includes Survivor, Lump Sum, Wage Loss & Impairment): $79,446,463
  • Medical Benefits: $40,849,840

You may be eligible for EEOICPA benefits if you worked at Pacific Northwest. As long as you have an illness covered by the EEOICPA and a doctor determines it resulted from your work at the facility, you should be able to get free medical care for treating your illness. Twilight Health can help you determine your eligibility and we can ensure you get the best available medical care moving forward. Contact us to find out more about our services.

The Facility and Scope of Work

Pacific Northwest National Lab was established in 1965 after a company named Battelle won a contract for development and research at the Hanford Site. The Hanford Site was located on the Columbia River in the state of Washington. The Pacific Northwest Laboratory was an independent facility from the Hanford Site, focused on nuclear research for non-destructive uses for nuclear energy. Pacific Northwest Lab eventually expanded from its original research to work on wide range of projects.

Compensation for Workers

It is an unfortunate reality that many employees of Pacific Northwest were put in unnecessary danger due to poor safety measures and general lack of knowledge of the true risks presented by nuclear operations. The EEOICPA was enacted specifically to apologize and accommodate these employees who sacrificed so much for their country.

Today, it is possible for workers of Pacific Northwest to get both compensation and medical care depending on their circumstances. As long as your illness was the result of your employment at Pacific Northwest, you should be able to gain access to a wide variety of medical services through your EEOICPA benefits.

If you qualify for benefits, you can get free care from a doctor, free prescriptions medications, free in-home care, free modifications to your vehicle/home based on your illness and more. The number of free services is surprising to many EEOICPA beneficiaries. It can be helpful to have a guide through the process, which is where Twilight Health comes in. Contact us to discover all the free services your EEOICPA benefits offer.

How Workers Can Get Benefits

The first step to getting your EEOICPA benefits is to speak to one of our team members at Twilight Health. We can clear away the clutter and steer you through the application process. Once you get your benefits, we can help with all the medical services you need.

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