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SRS Nuclear Site

The Savannah River Site, or SRS, was opened in the 1950s to refine materials for nuclear weapons. Located in South Carolina along the Savannah River, the SRS spans over 300 square miles and is considered one of the most contaminated areas on earth. Significant amounts of nuclear materials were produced at the SRS, and the site is still operational—being the only source of tritium in the country.

The employees at the SRS, especially in the early years of its operation, were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and other hazardous chemicals as part of their work. This exposure led to the development of cancers and other diseases for many of the workers. The EEOICPA was enacted to provide compensation and to pay for medical services for nuclear and uranium workers like those at the SRS.

If you or someone you care for is struggling with cancer or other illnesses related to their time working at the SRS, there is a strong possibility you could qualify for EEOICPA benefits. Twilight Health can help you determine your eligibility, obtain benefits and get the medical care you need. Please contact us to learn more.

The Savannah River Site Benefits

The SRS was a key provider of nuclear materials for weapon production during the Cold War which helped to ensure US dominance. But the hard work and dedication of the teams at the SRS came at a heavy cost. Many, many workers became ill. The amount of EEOICPA benefits paid out to SRS workers thus far is:

  • Part B Compensation: $468,642,143
  • Part E Compensation (Includes Survivor, Lump Sum, Wage Loss & Impairment): $367,305,155
  • Medical Benefits: $298,797,087

You may also be able to get benefits through the EEOICPA. Let us help you with your application. Please get in touch with Twilight Health to get started.

The Facility and Scope of Work

The SRS was developed on 198,344 acres—land that was once the site of several different small towns. Eventually, there would be five reactors on the site, all utilized to produce nuclear materials. A heavy water extraction plant and other facilities were also built, including a tritium extraction facility and a nuclear fuel and target fabrication facility.

From 1953 to 1988, the SRS produced approximately 36 metric tons of plutonium.

Work is still done at the SRS today. More than 10,000 employees work on the site.

Compensation for Workers at the Savannah River Site

There is no question that the work done by employees and contractors at the SRS resulted in debilitating illnesses for many. The EEOICPA, or Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, is a form of apology on the part of the government for this harsh reality. It makes it possible for workers at the SRS to pay their medical bills resulting from treating work-related illnesses.

Through the EEOICPA, medical care is free. Many new beneficiaries are surprised to discover just how many different services are available to them at no cost. Doctor’s visits, prescription medications, modifications to homes/vehicles related to illness, mental health services, in-home health care and more are easily accessible through Twilight Health if you have benefits.

Having assisted so many nuclear and uranium workers, we are well-equipped to guide you through the process. If you have benefits, we can connect you with highly-qualified care providers to get the treatment you need. If you do not have benefits, we may be able to help you get them. Just contact us at your earliest convenience to find out more.

How Workers Can Qualify for Benefits

If you have an illness or disease accepted by the EEOICPA and the illness was the result of your work at the SRS, you should be able to get benefits.

It is normal to have questions about EEOICPA benefits. Fortunately, the experts at Twilight Health can help. You only need to give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will be happy to assist you. Tell us your story and let us put our skills and resources to work for you!


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