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Rocky Flats

Rocky Flats was a nuclear facility located near Denver, CO. Many people have heard of Rocky Flats because it came under intense scrutiny for safety issues, and eventually had to pay some of the largest fines ever up to that point in an environmental case. Rocky Flats was opened in 1952 and continued to operate until 1992.

Rocky Flats was added to what is known as the Special Exposure Cohort, or SEC, in 2013. Now that Rocky Flats is part of the SEC, it is possible for workers to get compensation and benefits under EEOICPA without needing to prove that their illnesses are caused by their employment. If you worked at Rocky Flats, our team at Twilight Health can help you determine if you qualify for benefits. Please contact us for more information.

Rocky Flats and Benefits

The EEOICPA has led to significant payouts, both in compensation and medical benefits, for workers at Rocky Flats. As of October 2017, the payments made through the EEOICPA were:

  • Part B Compensation: $261,250,500
  • Part E Compensation (Includes Survivor, Lump Sum, Wage Loss & Impairment): $182,639,636
  • Medical Benefits: $96,375,433

The benefits for Rocky Flats workers were already substantial prior to the SEC, but now that Rocky Flats falls under the SEC, the amount of benefits has increased noticeably. The fact that workers do not need to prove that their employment caused their illness makes it much easier to get the benefits you need now, when you need them most. Twilight Health can explain the whole process of obtaining benefits and guide you through it, so please get in touch if you worked at Rocky Flats. The sooner you get your benefits, the sooner you can get free medical care.

Rocky Flats— Scope of Work

When Rocky Flats was opened in 1952, it was put under the management of Dow Chemical with a mission to produce plutonium “triggers”. These triggers were a vital component in the production of nuclear weapons. The facility was only 15 miles from Denver, situated on a piece of land covering four square miles.

Rocky Flats had issues with safety almost from the beginning of opening its doors. A major accident occurred in 1957 that resulted in almost a million dollars in damage and the release into the atmosphere of plutonium. In 1959, radioactive waste was found leaking out of barrels in a field. More leaky barrels were found in 1967, pouring radioactive waste over a storage site. Each of the accidents resulted in radioactive material entering the atmosphere in the Denver area.

Compensation for Workers at Rocky Flats

The constant spills and contamination of Rocky Flats resulted in it becoming a Superfund site. Cleanup of the site was finalized in 2005. But for those who worked at Rocky Flats, there is no way to clean up the damage done to their bodies and their lives. It is reasonable to assume that a facility known for breaking the rules, especially in regards to safety, most likely put workers at risk as well. The inclusion of Rocky Flats in the SEC is probably related to the increased level of hazard workers faced during employment.

Fortunately, the combination of EEOICPA benefits and streamlined access provided by the SEC means that you or your loved one can most likely get benefits if you apply. Once you have access to EEOICPA benefits, you can get all the health care services you need for your condition from Twilight Health at no cost to you.

With your EEOICPA benefits, you can visit the doctor for free, get free prescription medications, free in-home health care and more You can even get free training for your loved one to qualify as a personal caregiver. Contact us to find out more about what your benefits cover.

How Rocky Flats Workers Can Quality for  Benefits

There is no need to wonder if you can get benefits. We have EEOICPA experts here at Twilight Health who can answer all your questions. Call us at your earliest convenience to get started on your application!


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