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Nuclear and Uranium Worker Benefits

The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) and the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) make it possible for qualified nuclear workers and uranium miners to get free healthcare services—help that can prove invaluable for both you and your family. If you qualify for benefits and you have an accepted illness, you may be eligible for:

  • Up To $400,000 In Compensation
  • No-Cost In-Home Health Care (no co-pays or deductions)
  • Medical Travel Reimbursement
  • Oxygen Supply & Medication Coverage
  • Family Caregiver Compensation (Hourly wage for the care you already provide)
  • Help with the process (assistance with the paperwork requirements and navigating the “system”)

At Twilight Health, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare available for EEOICPA/RECA beneficiaries. We assist energy workers from all covered facilities that were involved in the nuclear and uranium industry.

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Who We Serve

When you are approved for medical benefits through EEOICPA/RECA, you will be issued a “white card”. The white card has many similarities to other health insurance membership cards, but it is designed specifically for EEOICPA/RECA beneficiaries. It includes information about which of the covered illnesses you can receive free treatment for. Accepted illnesses include radiogenic cancer, chronic beryllium disease and a wide range of other conditions.

White Card Eligibility

If you do not have a white card already and you believe you could qualify for benefits, you should apply immediately. Any individual who worked at a Department of Energy nuclear facility and who suffers from an illness due to exposure is eligible to receive benefits. Eligibility covers subcontractors, contractors and vendors as well as official employees of the Department of Energy.

If you have questions about your eligibility for a white card, please get in touch with our team at Twilight Health and we will be happy to assist you.

White Card Benefits

The white card offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Up to $400,000 in compensation
  • Prescription drugs
  • Visits to the doctor
  • In-home health care
  • Oxygen supplies
  • Gym and health club membership fees
  • Equipment for exercising at home
  • Transplants, including organ and stem cells
  • Modifications to home and automobile
  • Chiropractor and acupuncture treatments
  • Retrieval of medical documents
  • Medical alert systems
  • Hospice care
  • Mental health treatments
  • Specialized equipment prescribed by a doctor

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Your work for the Department of Energy played an important part in strengthening and defending the country. You deserve the best healthcare available for your hard work, and Twilight Health can help you get that care. Please contact us now to speak with a helpful team member who can answer all your questions. Let us ensure you get the free healthcare services you need as a beneficiary of EEOICPA/RECA!

Understanding RECA Benefits

The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act ensures that eligible ore transporters, uranium miners and millers get much-needed financial compensation if they developed certain diseases due to radiation exposure. It is possible to get a lump sum of $100,000 if you were an eligible ore transporter, uranium miner or miller. If you participated in weapons testing on-site you’re eligible to receive $75,000. Residents who lived in the testing area can also get $50,000.

Understanding EEOICPA Benefits

If you qualify for benefits, the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act allows you to get free healthcare services for treatment of approved illnesses. Free services include doctor visits, medications, medical travel, home health care, hospice care, nursing home care, assisted living, modifications to your home and vehicle, medical equipment, oxygen supplies, vehicle purchases, extended care facilities and more.

If you think you may be eligible for EEOICPA/RECA benefits, or if you already are a beneficiary of benefits, please contact us today. The Twilight Health team appreciates the challenges you face with your illness, and we want to help. Contact us now to get started!


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