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Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Site

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was founded in 1952 to help with the creation of the hydrogen bomb. The lab had another purpose as well—to provide some competition for the Los Alamos Lab, thus speeding up and improving the development process. The facility is located in Livermore, California, approximately 40 miles from San Francisco. The lab has been involved in the design of every nuclear weapon created in the United States.

Workers at Lawrence Livermore in the earlier days of its operation were exposed to harmful levels of radiation and other chemicals and substances known to cause a variety of diseases. The EEOICPA serves to provide workers from Lawrence Livermore and similar nuclear development facilities with benefits, including health care services, based on the diseases they developed due to their employment.

At Twilight Health, we specialize in helping nuclear and uranium workers to get their benefits and to get the care they need using those benefits. If you worked at Lawrence Livermore and developed cancer or another disease or illness from your work, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We are here to answer your questions and ensure you get the help you need for your illness.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Benefits

The EEOICPA pays out benefits to Lawrence Livermore workers like you who have developed work-related diseases and health complications. As of September 2017, the amount paid by the EEOICPA is:

  • Part B Compensation: $174,040,000
  • Part E Compensation (Includes Survivor, Lump Sum, Wage Loss & Impairment): $99,803,204
  • Medical Benefits: $36,829,369

If your cancer or other illness was the result of your time working at Lawrence Livermore, you are an excellent candidate for EEOICPA benefits. Let us help you get your benefits and the medical services you need. Contact us at Twilight Health to learn more.

The Facility and Scope of Work

The main Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is situated on 820 acres in Livermore, CA, with another separate facility on 7,000 acres in the area between Tracy, CA, and Livermore. The facility was developed on an old naval air station, which provided much more room than the Berkeley campus where the Lawrence Livermore team originated from.

Lawrence Livermore was the first to develop thermonuclear warheads that could be launched from submarines, as well as high-yield warheads small enough to fit multiple warheads on a missile. The lab was also involved in research into fusion energy and advanced computations.

Compensation for Workers

As one of the facilities listed under the EEOICPA, workers from Lawrence Livermore are able to obtain significant benefits if they qualify based on their illness and how that illness was developed. After the initial application process, beneficiaries can expect a wide range of medical care options depending on their situation.

The compensation for Lawmaker Livermore workers can include free health care services, including doctor’s visits, prescription medications, modifications to homes, modifications to vehicles, mental health care, in-home health care, training of family as personal caregivers and much more. As long as the medical service is intended to treat the illness or condition that resulted from working at Lawrence Livermore, the costs are covered.

At Twilight Health, we are extremely familiar with EEOICPA benefits and what they offer. Our team is trained to help you understand your compensation options and to ensure you get exactly the treatment you need. Contact us to discuss your situation and get valuable feedback on what your next steps should be.

How Workers Can Get Benefits

The application process for EEOICPA benefits is not intended to be overly difficult, but does demand meeting a number of strict criteria. You must have an approved illness, and that illness must be linked to your time at Lawrence Livermore.

If you are suffering from an illness that is related to your work at Lawrence Livermore, the team at Twilight Health is ready to help you get your benefits. Please contact us today to get help with your application.


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