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Portsmouth Plant

The end of World War II brought about a surge in nuclear arms production as more and more countries because capable of developing their own nuclear programs. To meet the nuclear production needs of the United States, multiple facilities were built to handle the various processes necessary for nuclear weapons production. The Portsmouth Plant was such a facility, one of three sizable plants built for gaseous diffusion—a process used to create enriched uranium. The Portsmouth plant enriched uranium from 1954 to 2001.

Many of the employees at the Portsmouth Plant, particularly those in the early years, were exposed to hazardous levels of radiation and other dangerous chemicals. The likelihood of those employees developing cancer or other health complications was high, which is why the EEOICPA was enacted to provide compensation and medical care. If you or a loved one has gotten sick from working at the Portsmouth Plant, the team at Twilight Health can help you understand your options based on your EEOICPA benefits. Please contact us to learn more about your benefits.

Total Compensation and Medical Paid through EEOICPA

The EEOICPA has paid out a substantial sum thus far to former employees of the Portsmouth Plant. The latest information available is from December of 2017, and indicates that total compensation is:

  • Part B Compensation: $301,119,167
  • Part E Compensation (Includes Survivor, Lump Sum, Wage Loss & Impairment): $278,100,055
  • Medical Benefits: $263,067,052

If you are uncertain about your eligibility for EEOICPA benefits, or if you have already obtained benefits and are searching for the best health care options, please contact us. Twilight Health has experts on staff who can explain the benefits application process and who can connect you with high-quality medical care.

The Portsmouth Plant—The Facility

The Portsmouth Plant has been in the decommissioning stage since 2011, but when it was operational it spanned 3,777 acres, with the gaseous diffusion plant taking up 640 acres of that space. The plant is located south of the town of Piketon, Ohio, but it was the close proximity to the nearby town of Portsmouth that gave the plant its name.

The plant was built in the Piketon area because there were abundant resources available, including plenty of water, electricity and labor. The enriched uranium produced at Portsmouth played a major part in the buildup of the US nuclear arsenal. Later the enriched uranium products would be used in nuclear reactors across the country.

Compensation for Portsmouth Workers

The workers at Portsmouth played a vital role in the security, both military and economic, of the United States. The fact that many of them became ill due to their service was extremely unfortunate, and lead the government to create the EEOICPA as a form of apology and an effort to set things right. When you quality for EEOICPA benefits, all of your medical care for the treatment of approved illnesses is free. You do not have to pay a dime to get the treatment you need and deserve.

At Twilight Health, we focus on serving workers from Portsmouth and other nuclear facilities who are struggling with health complications due to their employment. We are your resource for medical care services and information related to your EEOICPA benefits. Just give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

How Workers Can Quality for Benefits

The application process for EEOICPA benefits is not overly complicated. You simply need to meet the requirements to obtain benefits. The primary qualification is being diagnosed with an accepted illness caused by your employment. at Portsmouth. Once you have your diagnosis, you should be able to get your white card—the EEOICPA benefits. card that lists your condition and allows you to get free care.

We know how challenging it can be to deal with paperwork and everything else when you are sick, which is why we want you to know that we are here. Please contact our Twilight Health EEOICPA experts now to get assistance with your application for benefits.


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